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Metal Nameplates, Metal Signs, Metal Cards, Metal Tags, Cast Nameplates,
Electroformed Nameplates, Die-Struck Aluminum, Invitations, Etched Nameplate,
Decals, Embossed, Luxury Labels, Metal Wine Decals, Hand Bag Logos

Stainless Steel Namplates / Aluminum Name Plates  / Solid Brass Nameplate / Nickel Silver Nameplate / Zinc
Die Cast Emblems / Copper / Decorative Signage / All Custom / Personalizing / Memorial Plaques / Bag Tags

The finest in metal nameplates, metal signs, metal tags, metal cards, electroformed and die struck nameplates        CLICK HERE FOR METAL CARDS       CLICK HERE FOR DECORATIVE PLATES
brass nameplates tags emblems
 Stainless steel nameplates etched
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Solid Brass Nameplates; etched, screen printed, sublimation print, gold satin or bright Stainless Steel Nameplates; etched, screen printed, 4 color process, etching, silver tags
Die struck aluminum nameplate Copper nameplate etched printed 
Aluminum die struck nameplate, raised metal graphics diamond cut, colors, silver, 3M adhesive Solid Copper Nameplates; etched, screen printed, sublimation printed, real copper metal!
metal plates logos Aluminum nameplates etched plates printed
Die cast zinc emblems / nameplates, raised or recessed letters and logo, solid dimensional metal profiles, plating, recessed or relief Aluminum nameplates, coated or anodized aluminum, screen printed, etched, 4 color process, strip tape, sticky back adhesive

Stainless Steel
.018", .029", .050", .062", .125" thickness   Type 304, 316, 430 --

.020", .025", .040", .050", .125" thickness    Satin Bright; Anodized

Solid Brass        Solid Copper       Nickel Silver
.020", .040", .125", .025" -- Satin or Bright, Antique

Custom any size, or utilize one of our over 200 cutting dies 

Etched / Silk Screen Printed; Sublimation 4 color process, Digital

- Any Color -
Holes or Slots      Square, Radius or Clipped Corners 
Plain backs / 3M Adhesive / Magnetic backs

Blanks in all metals!  We can die cut or shear cut. 
Only 100 pcs minimum for blank plates

Sheet Metal available in all metals - quick ship and low prices

Go ahead; challenge us!   Any logo on any metal...

No Minimum Quantity

Antique metal nameplates etched     Embossed aluminum nameplates signs 
Antique metal nameplates, brass, nickel silver, zinc die cast, die struck zinc, tags   Embossed aluminum plates, raised or recessed  logo letters, adhesive back; metal decals
metal cards stainless steel   Metal sheet metal blanks
Metal cards, membership, VIP cards, aluminum, stainless steel, brass business card   Metal blanks and metal sheet stock; many colors, sizes, thickness. Stock sheet metal

Solid Brass Nameplates   Stainless Steel Nameplates   Aluminum Nameplates   Copper Nameplates   Etched Brass Name Plates    
Etched Stainless Steel Nameplates   Etched Aluminum Name Plate   Nickel Silver Nameplate   Cast Zinc Nameplates Metal Labels  Sheet Metal


solid brass nameplate tag solid brass QR code ticket pass Solid brass nameplate furniture Solid brass name plate tag
Etched gold brass plate, raised logo,
antique old world lacquer finish
Brass metal ticket, screen printed,
QR code scannable readable barcode
Background etching on solid gold brass,
black color fill background, 3M adhesive
Brass etched logo frosted finsh, metal
organization plaque
Solid brass name plate museum Brass nameplate memorial plaque Etched brass nameplate frosted logo Brass wall sign office name plate
Solid brass nameplate tag, screen printed
black detail, brushed, museum display
Gold brass nameplate, recess etching with
black color fill, 2 holes, brushed, engavined
Combination background frosted etched
logo in gold, screen printed text in black
Brass office wall sign, printed
gold metal with standoff hardware


multicolor aluminum nameplate Etched aluminum amplifier nameplate Aluminum luggage tag matte black aluminum sign plate
Solid aluminum product tags, multicolor
4-color process printing, sticky back decals
Thick aluminum speaker plate, etched background, logo raised, holes, for guitars Metal luggage tag, etched aluminum, logo brand by etching, slot Matte black anodized aluminum logo
nameplate card tag, etched frosted silver
polished aluminum etched name plate multicolor aluminum name plate Screen printed aluminum nameplate Etched aluminum sign
Business nameplate sign, etched stainless steel,
gloss logo, corporate name plate
4-color sublimation printed metal plates,
white aluminum, product branding
Patent tag plate, printed metal, brushed
aluminum, graphic identification, holes
Brant identity logo name plate, brushed
silver, etching engraving


Stainless steel etched plate logo Stainless steel etched plate Stainless steel etched nameplate Industrial nameplate stainless steel
Stainless steel nameplate, raised silver logo
on etched background, faux screw holes
Restaurant nameplate, rectangle, brushed
silver stainless, fine etched with black fill
Raised metal logo on chemical etched
stainless steel name plate, 3M adhesive
Stainless steel tag, type 316 durability,
serial / model personalized machinery
Stainless steel nameplate etching Stainless steel .125 etching round stainless name badge etched bright or satin etched stainless nameplate
Bright polished silver stainless logo plate,
frosted etching, 3M sticky back
Thick stainless steel office signs, brush,
personalized, etched or engraved
Metal namebadge, chemical etching,
personalizing of names, lapel badge
Bright or Satin stainless steel,
background silver fine sparkle finish


copper nameplate antique copper award etched nameplate copper metal luggage tag copper label metal
Solid copper sign plate, etched with antique
finish, old world look, 3M tape adhesive
Honorary plaque, real copper, etched,
any color background, metal placque
Solid copper golf tag / copper luggage tag,
real copper metal, etched, 2 sided
Parfum logo, jewely quality, any logo,
pure copper, etching, curved, adhesive


etched engraved silver plate antique nickel silver coin plate nickel silver etched nameplate silver nameplate etched
Museum signage, high end etched engraving,
polished or brushed silver metal, 3M tape
Antique dimensional logomark in nickel
silver metal, raised letters, brushed
Solid nickel silver musical instrument
nameplate, fine silver etch + print
Solid nickel silver award tag, brushed
silver nickel very fine deep etch


die struck aluminum nameplate   die struck aluminum nameplate die struck aluminum nameplate studs  die struck aluminum nameplate 
Die struck solid aluminum emblems, raised
graphics diamond cut to silver metal
Electronic badge, 3D graphics, die struck
stamped aluminum, color, 3M adhesive
Aluminum nameplate, raised graphics,
irregular shape, stamped, pin studs
Dimensional logo badge, die struck
aluminium, brushed, adhesive tape


die cast zinc emblem die cast zinc emblem antique  die struck zinc plated nameplate  die struck zinc medallion 
Die cast zinc motorcycle emblem, 3D,
chrome plated, curved, metal plate
Antique metal name plate, raised logo,
3 dimensional, old world look, silver
Furniture plates, chrome plated zinc,
all custom, adhesive or nails
Antique metal name plate, raised logo,
3 dimensional, old world look, bronze

SPECIALTY - Handbag plates, invitations, luxury parfum decoration, automotive, wine labels, metal signs 

metal nameplates open etch through  bent metal counter sign metal tags jewelry aluminum  metal handbag nameplate
Open cut through metal tags nameplates
cards, stainless steel electroplated black
Bent aluminum sign, scannable QR code,
bitcoin signage, printed bar code
Aluminum jewelry tags, printed colors,
with hole
Handbag labels, die stuck zinc, plated in
many colors, bendable tabs for hand bags
brass plated nameplate etched  metal key chain logo metal fragrance wine label  metal wine label aluminum  
Etched and plated frangrance metal label,
etching, gold plate, for perfum bottles
Metal key chain, silver plated zinc, 3D
emblem, chain,
Special finish etched aluminium, curved
metal lables and decals for wine, perfume
Soft aluminum wine bottle decals, curvable,
for cognac, scotch bottles; adhesive backs
die struck aluminum badge  brass locker plate metal embossed aluminum nameplate  metal invitation aluminum stainless 
3 dimensional die struck metal automotive
badging, aluminum, anodized, 3M tape
Distressed antique brass metal locker tag
plate, consecutive numbering
Embossed aluminum die cut, three
dimension, raised details
Metal invitation, aluminum, brass,
Stainless steel, muticolor, etching
 anodized aluminum logo nameplate plastic aluminum nameplate Stainless steel gauge face plate open cut etched bronze nameplate 
Milled and anodized aluminium badge,
cut through, CNC routed
Chrome plated plastic frame + etched
aluminum nameplate combination
Etched through stainless steel dial LED
gauge face plate cover; any shape
Real bronze nameplates, etching, antique
raised or recessed copy 
  • Many standard shapes and sizes are available as stock dies.  Any size rectangle can be cut for these metal name plates.  
    Custom sizes and shapes can be made with custom tooling.  Cutting by etching

  • Self-adhesive backing is available to fit your needs  (even magnetic)       Holes, slots, radius or clipped corners

  • Commercial and industrial metal valve tags, rerate plates, remanufactured

    metal industrial nameplates tags

  • Consecutive numbering (stamped) - 1/16", 1/8", 5/32", 1/4" heights available (max. 9 digits)

  • METAL BLANKS too; any size and shape. 

Mila Displays - Metal Nameplates Brass Nameplates Aluminum Nameplates Stainless Steel NameplatesClick here to visit our selection   All metals can be bent into a freestanding position, for use as  showcase signs, window signs, & countertop signs
Mila Displays - Metal Signs Brass Signs Aluminum Signs Stainless Steel SignsClick here to visit our selection   Milled and polished brass signs and aluminum  signs into a freestanding position, for use as  showcase signs, window signs, & countertop signs

Standard colors available at no extra charge.  
Custom PMS color mixing also available, at additional charge

Our commercial and industrial nameplates, tags, and plates are 
fabricated using state of the art techniques.  Thank you for visiting our home website

Industrial Tags / Plates: These nameplates can be used by stamping or marking for any rerate, repair, remanufacture, rebuild, testing, job or to identify with serial numbers,model, PSI, tension, location, control, faceplate dial, date, RPM, consecutive numbering, voltage, serial, type, testing etc.


We at Mila Displays Inc. have photographed a large number of examples at high quality resolution allowing you to see all of the fine details.  We specialize in creating and supplying the largest portfolio of signage options in the brand identity market, including glass signs, glass nameplates, etched glass, architectural glass, automotive name plates, auto emblems, acrylic name plates, etched glass name plates, raised dimensional letters, metal name plates, cut letters, plastic name plates, decals, engraved name plates, recognition awards, custom labels, printed labels, plastic cards, jewelry tags, crystal glass blocks and plaques, plastic string tags, glass etching, glass awards, apparel clothing tags, window signs, counter top signs, domed labels, warranty cards, along with our complete selection of watch display supports, watch cuffs, and watch display accessories.



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